Tales Under Construction

Digital Artist | Photographer | Gamer

Tales Under Construction

Digital Artist | Photographer | Gamer

NFT: Behind the Definitions

By Ventsislav Bratovanov | @bratovanov | Jul 9, 2021, 12:00pm CET

There are many detailed articles about what NFT is and how the technology behind it works. I want to focus on two main attributes regarding its meaning beyond the definition and, more specifically, for the artists and the development of the global economic model.

In summary, and very simplified presented, the NFT (from Non-Fungible Token) is an encrypted digital sign. With it, you can sign a digital or analogue asset, and this way, to guarantee that this is the only original out there and any copies of it are only that – a copy.

In the world of art, especially the digital one, NFT is the missing piece that now brings satisfaction for most artists’ value for their art. This value is kind of an award for the time invested in the creative process, for the years, sometimes decades, that the artist dedicated to their development, for the education, for the sleepless nights, for the experience gained, for the achievements and all the labour behind fostering their own brand and last but not least – for the talent. Today all that background in combination with NFT has the potential to bring some justice in the distribution of the success.

One of the most interesting attributes of the NFT, in my opinion, is the possibility to turn digital assets into a resource that is endless by nature and that is capable of providing the much needed fuel for the conventional economy that needs resources to be able to follow its imperative for sustainable growth. This growth depends largely on the limited scale and quantity of material resources. Someday, when the spaceships start to cross the Sun system and to bring the raw materials extracted between its borders, this dependency will have the ability to provide a new push to prosperity, but until this point it will exist only in the books.


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Tales Under Construction

Support me at: foundation.app/@bratovanov

The crypto economy is not in an unsolvable conflict with the conventional, nor it is an alternative that exists out there separately. It could be said that crypto was the future of the economy in the near past. Today, the process could be seen as part of the natural evolution of the system even with the hype and some negative aspects as the speculation in mind. This evolution is paired with complex interrelations comparable to these between a teenager and a parent, but at the same time brings a new hope and a promise for a much better future if the children of the technology succeed in the realization of the bright side of their potential.

There are many underwater rocks along the path of every innovation. That is even more true concerning the world of technology and science. In a parallel universe probably all the fair regulations and lessons are a few steps in front of the challenges. In ours, this is not the case and I am not in a rush to say “unfortunately”.

The trust between partners, currencies, banks, stock, brands, etc. is the foundation for the circulation of goods and capital. Nothing in this system could thrive without trust and crypto has the instruments to generate solid stocks of it. The combination of high security and transparency that blockchain and decentralization provide could offer the much-needed trust in the system that could not be achieved in its current version. In this sense, the NFT has the potential to speed up the transformation and to provide part of the fuel that is needed for the progress and realization of a future in one not necessarily dystopian world.


On the Edge of Space

This work is of special significance to me. I love the story of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. The movie’s plot unfolds around a single shot that had to become the cover of the last issue of an iconic magazine (Sean Penn plays the photographer). If you have watched the movie, you could understand my excitement after I learned that this work of mine was chosen for the cover of the last issue of a magazine that had been published for 80 years and for a long period of time its publisher was the Australian Academy of sciences.

This particular fact – that this magazine was scientific – brings added value to me. I deeply respect the work of the people that dedicated their intelligence and labor to science. These days, when our civilization establishes its presence in space, the leading role of science for human progress and prosperity is overlooked in specific circles. What better occasion than that to remind how and thanks to whom we have come to the edge of space at a moment when the term metaverse is gaining buzz and this idea is seen as the next big thing in front of the networked society?

“Australasian Science was Australia’s longest-running scientific publication. It was first published in 1938 as The Australian Journal of Science by the Australian National Research Council, which was the forerunner of the Australian Academy of Science. In 1954 the journal was transferred to ANZAAS – the Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science”

NFT and Crypto Art in a Story Mode

Tales Under Construction is a place for NFT dedicated story driven Crypto Art distributed on a decentralized art marketplace, but in fact, behind this dry description there is a series of interesting events that shaped the idea and led to the choice of the title.

Years ago I received a request to write a short text – a travel story about unbeknown beach where me and my friends had been spending parts of the summer from the moment we turned adulthood.
As we were quite young at the beginning of this story and it was still in development the title Fairy Tale Under Construction seemed like a great choice to me.

Some time passed and me and my friends, now more mature and settled than at the time we chose this beach for our summer adventures, found that there is life even after the classical ending of many folklore and fairy tales from my childhood “they ate, drank, and rejoiced for three days”. With this in mind I have decided that the title Tales Under Construction suit well my perception of life – some kind of a brand that I could continue to tell my stories under.

About Me

Hello, my name is Ventsislav Bratovanov. I do photography, visual design and digital art.
Telling stories, especially when backed with visual content, is the thing that brings me the greatest joy.

I define myself as a futurist because, for a long time, I have been explicitly interested in the many possible ways for the development or the regress of our civilization. I am curious about the scenarios – from the most dystopian to the too optimistic ones – that could unfold from the different challenges in front of us and what solutions could push us in a more positive direction.

I have a special attitude towards gaming as an experience and the level design, more specifically, and that puts me in the category of game tourists (it should have one). I invest extra time in admiration for all aspects that make a game complete. In the last two and a half decades, I consciously have spent a few human years of my life playing hundreds of titles. I sincerely hope to not regret this decision one day.

I am a collector in a broader sense as one of my favourite aspects of this passion is the collection of stories – both nonfiction and fictional. I am interested in the traits of the characters involved in them. I feel excited about the potential for the build-up and deepening of the worlds formed around every story.

My father loved to take pictures, and he would bring some books about photography at home. They triggered my interest and later led me to become a member of the photography club in my school.

In parallel to my maturing technologies progressed fast, and my interests went through digital transformation. I have found a passion in following the technological advancement in the visualization of content and developing my skills using new tools in search of different kind of appropriations on them separately or in combination.
That said it is tough for me to choose my favorite one between photography, video-shooting, illustrations, animation, 3D.

I love the opportunities we have in these days thanks to the efforts, innovations and creativity of all the software engineers and artists. The limit, as they say, is only the boundaries of our imagination.

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